Where is the Uniform Shop?

We are located at 16 Jardine Street, Santa Croce Building (N), Assisi Campus.

If you are unsure, please go to the Main College Office in St Francis Hall (SFH) and you will be directed. If attending the Uniform Shop during a back-to-school trading day in January, please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to allow time to find a park.

How can I contact the Uniform Shop?

To contact the Uniform Shop, please phone the school on 3857-9929 or email [email protected]

When is the Uniform Shop open?

The Uniform Shop is open from 8.00am to 10.00 am on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays during term time. Additional opening hours in some holiday breaks are periodically advertised to parents and families.

How do I pay?

The Uniform Shop accepts Visa, Mastercard, cash and Flexischool payments. Sorry, we do not accept cheques, Amex or Diners cards.

Back-to-School trading hours in January

The Uniform Shop operates extended trading hours in January for back-to-school uniform requirements. Details of trading times are emailed to families and are posted on the College’s App. Please read this information carefully as specific days are allocated for walk-in customers (no appointments); customers who have appointments for uniform fittings (no walk-ins); and for collecting / exchanging items purchased online.   

How do I pick up uniforms that I have ordered through the online store?

When ordering online, parents can nominate to collect their order from the Greccio Junior Campus reception or from the Uniform Shop during its normal trading hours. Orders for secondary students should not be directed to the Greccio Junior Campus for collection.

Online orders are normally processed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during term time. In addition to the processing day, please allow one full business day before collecting your order from either Greccio reception or from the Uniform Shop. For example:

  • an order placed over the weekend is likely to be processed on Monday and allowing for one additional business day, the order should be able to be collected on Wednesday.
  • an order placed on Wednesday night during term time will be processed on Friday and should be available for collection after the following Monday.

Do we really need a fitting for our son’s uniform?

We encourage all families who are new to Padua to arrange a uniform fitting for their son. This will enable us to professionally fit boys with their required uniform and enable us to explain uniform policy to each student so that they are aware of what is expected. This includes overall presentation, hairstyles, and shoes.

The Uniform Shop has an online booking system to make appointments during our back-to-school trading days in January. Families are also welcome to contact the Uniform Shop to make appointment times during normal trading days during term time.

How much time is required for the uniform fitting?

Online appointments for fitting times in January are booked for 20 minutes. There is significant demand for these appointments and we please need families to be early for their appointment so there are no delays. Appointments are strictly limited to 20 minute blocks. If needing to arrange a fitting for more than one student please book separate fitting times for each student. If a family is late for their appointment, we will serve the next family who is waiting. If you are late and there is insufficient time to accommodate your appointment you will be assisted to make a new appointment time on another day.

When do students wear summer & winter uniforms?

Summer Uniform: February, March, April, October, November and December (Terms 1 & 4).

Winter Uniform: May, June, July and August, September (Terms 2 & 3). The Winter Uniform includes wearing of the College tie for all year levels and the College blazer and long grey trousers for Years 10 to 12.

What do we need to buy?

All uniform requirements are listed in our Uniform Shop Price List which is available on our website and on our online store. Please contact the Uniform Shop with any queries – we are here to help. The College’s sport uniform includes several pieces such as sport shorts and some jerseys which are worn for more than one sport. This uniform policy reduces the cost of uniforms to parents whilst ensuring that all boys playing the same sport do wear the same, high-quality uniform.

When buying a school hat or cap, what do I do about the initials?

The College requires student initials to be embroidered on your son’s College grey hat / Senior Hat and the brown and gold spirit caps (worn by Years 5 and 6) and the new brown caps which will be worn by Years 7 to 12 from 2023.

If your son loses his College grey formal hat, Senior hat or his spirit cap, the price of their replacement hat / cap will include the cost of embroidering his initials on the new hat / cap.

Embroidery is included in the cost of hats and caps and will be arranged by the College. When purchasing caps or hats (either online or in person at the Uniform Shop), you will need to provide your son’s name and year level. The College maintains a register of unique combinations of initials for our students so that lost hats and caps can be reunited with their owners. It takes around a week for embroidery to be finished – you will be notified when the hat / cap is ready for collection.

No fittings are required for our brown and brown/gold spirit caps as one size fits all. However, we strongly recommend that your son is fitted in store for his College grey hat. If ordered online without a fitting, once initials are embroidered, and if the hat is an incorrect size, it’s at your cost to have initials removed and re-done.

When can my son wear the Hoodie & Tracksuit?

The tracksuit top, tracksuit pants and hoodie cannot be worn to school. These two items can only be worn to early morning training sessions, to weekend sporting events or worn for PE lessons during winter.

Can we choose our own numbers when buying a sports Jersey? (Soccer/AFL/Rugby/Basketball/ Volleyball)

No. Please do not try to buy a particular number for your son’s jersey as it significantly increases the chance of duplicate numbers being worn in your son’s team. Numbers on our jerseys are only used to identify a student on the field and are not used to identify field position.

Numbers are worn in the following sports: Volleyball, AFL, Rugby Union, Football (Soccer), Basketball, Rugby League, Hockey and Touch Football. Numbers used on jerseys range from 1 to 68 and are allocated on a random basis within each jersey size to minimise the chance of double-ups. If a double-up does occur in your son’s Basketball or Volleyball team, please advise the Padua Sports Department, which will endeavour to make an alternative arrangements. 

Can we buy second hand items?

No second-hand items are sold in the Uniform Shop. An unofficial, parent-led buy/ sell second hand uniform Facebook page is open for Padua, Mt Alvernia and St Anthony’s families.

Do you sell school shoes?

No. We do not sell school shoes. Black school lace up shoes are compulsory and are to be worn every day. We have brochures from Athletes Foot showing preferred shoes. Sport shoes can be any colour but soles of shoes must be appropriate for the playing surface.