Uniform, Hair & Grooming Standards


The school uniform is:

College grey shorts with black belt or grey long trousers with black belt (standard College issue only).

Striped short sleeved shirt with Padua badge on pocket (Years 5-12) or striped long-sleeved shirt with Padua brown tie (Years 5-12).

Formal black leather lace-up shoes, long grey Padua socks with stripes and garters or if long trousers are permitted, black socks are worn.

The College blazer is compulsory for Years 10-12 in Terms 2 and 3. When the blazer is worn, the student must wear long trousers and the Padua brown tie. The College pullover may be worn by all students.

The Padua broad brimmed hat must be worn at the College. Students must wear the hat to and from home. In the event that a student has lost/misplaced or cannot attend a school day without their College hat, parents are asked to provide writ- ten documentation acknowledging they are aware of this situation. The student should then obtain a uniform slip from his PC teacher or House Guardian.

The College tie is to be worn in Terms 2 and 3 and for some special functions.

The sports uniform is:

A Padua House shirt and black shorts, Padua white socks, joggers - preferably with non-marking sole- and the Padua broad brimmed hat.



Does not touch the eyebrows when the fringe is combed forward

Does not touch the collar when combed back.

Does not pass mid temple when swept forward at the side.

Is of a consistent length and natural in colour.

Is worn in a neat and tidy fashion and is not cut in an attention-seeking manner.

Students are not to have a mullet (or shaved in sides) of any description.

Students need to be clean shaven each day at school.

Students are expected to adhere to this policy at all times.